G N O S T I C   C H R I S T I A N S 
Since the earliest times the Gnostics (from the Greek word gnosis - meaning knowledge) have espoused the primacy of intellect over faith. Novus follows that idea. Indeed, we find that you may directly experience God's wisdom. One such way is through Sylvia Browne, yet any person may also reach into the mind of God, thereby finding great truths. And never forget, every person is part of God. This means anyone can be an agent for the Divine, and reveal great wisdom from Him (and Her!).

Novus Spiritus regards understanding as more important than faith. We find that people today need to satisfy their intellect, in addition to their beliefs, where traditional religions do not address this issue. A lack of understanding can impede one's spiritual growth, for without a solid reason for life, many people will merely say:

"There cannot be a loving God, as evidenced by the pain and suffering in our world."

The task then is to disclose the cause, and meaning, of the pain and suffering so rampant in our world. The erroneous conclusion that God cannot exist is based upon ignorance of the meaning of life. We will show later how a loving God can exist even when set against the background of our world.

Notwithstanding the above, faith does have a role. The premise of God's existence cannot be proven in a scientific sense. Hence, we accept the following concepts without proof:

God exists
God is perfect
God is pure love and intellect