T H E   S O C I E T Y   O F   N O V U S   S P I R I T U S   H E A L I N G 
Dear Father and Mother God,

We are all gathered here to love You and to receive Your blessing and healing energies. We ask that You send Your everlasting energy to heal all who are in need today, using the healing force that You - as our omnipotent parents - can provide. Send us all the power and force of Your energy and love to heal us all - to sustain us all in our everyday lives, so that we can continue to experience for You. Help us to remain examples of Your love, and guide us back to You if we ever go astray from our chosen paths.

Loving Mother and Father,
Help all of our guides to channel Your energy and the energy of the Archetypes that surround this gathering in Your name - so that the energy sent is received fully and completely in each and every one of us. For those loved ones that are unable to gather with us today, we also ask that You send them Your healing energy and love - so that any malady, whether it be mental or physical, be completely healed and eliminated.

We ask for this in Your name, Mother and Father - the name of God.


Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacavalian, Ahad.

Blessed be this Queen on high that is sacred to all who come to her.