A   M E D I T A T I O N   B Y   S Y L V I A 

The Purple Flame

Put your hands upwards on your thighs, rather than downward. I want you mentally to relax yourself, and start breathing in and out very regularly, simulating the rhythm of how you breathe when you sleep. Feel yourself becoming very relaxed. All the negativity is being released, almost like a spiritual baptism emanating throughout every single part of your body to create healing, to create the burning out of guilt, negativity and fear - especially healing the mind, body and spirit.

Let this surge of relaxation go right through the very bottoms of your feet, cleansing out any illness. Through the calves, knees, thighs, buttocks area and spinal column. Up through the whole trunk of the body, down through the shoulders, the upper arms, the lower arms, the hands, the fingertips. Up through the neck, the face, and behind the eyes.

Demand that all the negativity, anything that you have brought over from past lives that is causing phobias and illnesses, be rinsed clean. From this moment on, I guarantee that you are going to notice a difference. Spirituality is probably the most beautiful euphoria you will ever know. While you are sitting in this relaxed position, I want you to surround yourself or just ask for the bubble of Light to surround you. Just visualize or ask for it.

People say, 'I cannot see it.'

Yes, you can. Now, a purple flame engulfs you, almost like a lotus blossom. Put yourself in the middle of this purple flame. Purple is the color that really, really is a partner of spirituality. The color purple is the greatest emanation of spirituality. Once our mind and spirit are together, our body follows suit. Feel this purple flame rinsing out any past-life overlays, any of the negativity we have carried with us, any of the hurts, the vengeance - all the little secret pockets that we have felt left out, not wanted, persecuted, victimized, laboring through, lonely, isolated. Feel it vibrating, emanating, cleansing out sickness in mind, body and spirit.

Say to yourself, 'My spirit can never be sick. What I am carrying around as an overlay may be sick and heavy, but I am going to drop that right now with the power of the Holy Spirit and the Christ-Consciousness.'

Feel energy coursing right up through the very bottoms of your feet, up through your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs. All through the trunk of your body, curing and healing every organ therein. Down through the shoulders, the upper arms, the lower arms, the hands, the fingertips. Up through the throat area, back and front, the face, around the mouth, the nose, the eyes.

Demand again that the last vestiges of any illness or phobic-causing, fear-causing overlay will be released right now through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bring yourself back to yourself. One, two, three.