W H Y   W A S   N O V U S   F O R M E D 
Novus was founded for several types of people:
  • Those wishing to accelerate the perfection of their soul.
  • Those who need an expanded dimension to their faith.
  • Those who find no reasonable explanation of God or life.
  • Those who are confused by traditional religion, and need more than faith alone in their search for God.

Novus Spiritus stands in accord with all of today's religions. We feel that every church has fundamental Truth and we encourage each person to find a means of worship. Perhaps Novus will be yours. In addition, we find many people are joining Novus even though they are happy with their current faith. Our goal is to open each mind to the splendor of God, allowing the intellect to grasp the Divine.

Novus believes that any question asked can be answered. There is no need to rely upon faith alone. Just as God gave us an inquiring mind, so too, He gave us the means to resolve its questions. Novus appeals to those who need an intellectual basis for God; we do not appeal to those who are content to follow blindly and never question the basis of their beliefs.

Novus is a place of learning, growing, and sharing in the Spirit of Christ Consciousness. It is a way to be among people of common beliefs, to understand life, and to provide a means to help others.