N O V U S   O V E R V I E W 
The Society of Novus Spiritus was founded by Sylvia Browne to promote a community of people who seek to be guided by the Light and dedicated to living a spiritual life. We encourage everyone to seek the perfection of their soul, meet God on their own terms, and activate their own unique inner spark of divinity. This requires bonding the intellect to the emotion, a process which naturally occurs as we replace centuries of social, cultural, and religious ignorance with knowledge and Light.

Novus is dedicated to eliminating the false concepts of Satan, hell, sin, guilt, and the fear of God, all of which are contrary to our understanding of a benevolent Creator. We know that an all-loving God does exist, One who is infinitely concerned about our welfare and state of being. The pain of life is not punishment from God, rather it is a learning tool, and a very necessary one in the larger scheme of life.

Novus strives to uncover all of the 'mysteries' regarding the nature of life, death, God, and the role we play in life's scheme. God never withholds information; it is humans who chose to ignore it. The Society exists to help prepare you for receiving God's wisdom.

Novus feels that knowledge provides the key needed to unlock the mind, to help us understand the nature of life. The Greek word for knowledge is gnosis (the 'g' is silent), which makes the Society a Gnostic organization. This simply means we are seekers after truth, God being the source of all truth, available to all who are ready to receive it.

Francine, Sylvia's Spirit Guide, assures us that every question can be answered. She then reminds us that we are responsible for asking the right questions. God gives us the seeds of truth according to our ability to cultivate them. However, these seeds of wisdom must fall upon an open and fertile mind to take root, and they must be nurtured in the Light to grow strong.

Novus is open to anyone who wishes to rid themselves of ignorance and explore new methods of perfecting their soul. We are open to all people who seek to be free of judgmental bigotry, prejudice, and racism. We do not want to replace your existing expression of faith or religion; we simply offer additional avenues and ideas to broaden your mind. Our motto is: "Take what you want and leave the rest behind."

Nearly everything in nature exhibits a dual nature, most notably in the pairing of male/female. We understand that this pattern extends even to the Most High, to God. In fact, we find there must be a Mother God as well as a Father God to reflect the natural pattern we see all around us.

We know that all of creation is the work of both a male and female God. While God the Father holds creation in a constant state of being, God the Mother actively works with us and through us for learning and perfection. We also find that each of them is a distinct entity, not just a nebulous force, and we address them as Om (male) and Azna (female).

Life is intended as a school for the soul where each of us plans out the lessons we need in order to become a better person. In addition, the world is a place for God to experience all knowledge firsthand. Each person makes a contract with God to experience certain facets of life, as though we are the reporters and God, the Editor. This way a person gains perfection for their soul, and God gains the direct experience of that knowledge.

You may wonder, 'If life is for learning, why is it so hard at times?' Simply put, through adversity we can test the strength of our soul. The pain of life allows us to really know what it means to be a good and spiritual person.

The Other Side
Fortunately, the hardship of life does not extend into the reality after physical death, a place we call the 'Other Side.'

After 'death,' your soul goes to the Other Side, which is better known as heaven. This place is the true reality, as opposed to the temporal planet Earth. The Other Side is eternal, a place of total harmony, no physical limitations, no problems, and you have a constant awareness of the presence of God. Your identity is intact, you have a body, your personality is carried over (the good aspects), and loving is the normal state of affairs. Life exists in its most wondrous and joyous form on the Other Side.

Even though the Other Side is total beauty and happiness, the soul may not be at peace and will still seek to better itself. This seeking drives our urge to enter life on Earth to experience God's knowledge, gaining perfection in the process. Each soul decides how much experience they want. While some may never have a life on Earth, others will choose fifty or more lives. Only you and God will know when you have reached your final level of contentment, and need not return to Earth.

Home Study Groups
Sylvia has developed a wondrous program to bring her Church into every home. We call it Study Group, and it is available to anyone who wishes to share in her spiritual teachings. Home Study is based upon a series of books we publish called Journey of the Soul, a set of 16 volumes giving detailed information gathered through Sylvia's mediumship, her seminars, and her spiritual sermons. Each month you will receive 2 audio tapes of her sermons which are brilliant, moving, and loving testaments to God. You can also establish a Study Group strictly for yourself; you need not have other people join in. If you would like more information on forming a Study Group, please call, and a Novus Minister will give you all the details.
Spiritual Celebrations
The Society of Novus Spiritus invites you to join in our weekly celebration of the spirit. We offer these gatherings to anyone seeking their spiritual roots, looking for the meaning of life, or wanting to be with people who seek to live within the guidance of the Light. We currently have services in Campbell, CA and Seattle, WA.

We gather every Sunday (times vary by location) and are open to the public free of charge. We also offer video or audio tapes of our celebrations, a book of 350 questions and answers, plus other wonderful tools which will help you explore your spirituality.

In Short
  • God is all loving, never judgmental.
  • God is dual Beings, Mother AND Father.
  • Life on Earth is for our learning, to overcome the old, control-oriented concepts of guilt, sin and fear.
  • Because Mother and Father God love us, we are given many opportunities to live (Reincarnation).
  • Before and after each lifetime, our Home is on the Other Side, a place of peace, lightness and continued learning.
  • Prior to incarnating, we sit with our counselors and design our lesson plan (including Spirit Guide; life Chart with Themes and Option Lines; etc.).
  • While incarnated, we have support from a whole host of beings on the Other Side, so we are never alone.
  • The goal in life -- Sylvia's short version -- is to 'love God, do good, then shut up and go Home.'