P S Y C H I C   R E A D I N G S ,   T O U R   A N D   S A L O N   D A T E S 
A psychic reading with Sylvia is very much like meeting a long lost friend whom you loved deeply, making your soul glad to make contact again. This friend seems to know everything about you, accepts you for yourself, and knows what to do about anything that troubles you.

Chris is an authentic psychic from birth. Being Sylvia's son he shares in her genetic predisposition to psychic excellence. Chris is the only other psychic recommended by Sylvia. He has been a working psychic for more than 25 years.

Sylvia Spiritual Salons are small groups of people (35 - 45 people) who will enjoy intimate conversations with Sylvia on many topics, from philosophy and psychic phenomena to personal questions.

Sylvia tours throughout the US and Canada lecturing in front of live audiences. For more details on events and All things Sylvia and Chris Click Here to visit SylviaBrowne.com