D E T A I L E D   H I S T O R Y 
Sylvia Browne is world renowned for her psychic talent, her counseling ability, and her research into parapsychology. Sylvia is well known for her dynamic, genuine, down-to-earth style and personality. She lectures, teaches, and counsels people from Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia and Canada. Sylvia manifested her psychic ability at the age of three, in her home town of Kansas City, MO. For many years she shared her gift with friends and family, and became very well known for helping people to see their future. Moving to California in 1964, she continued assisting people privately. Sylvia then wanted to make a professional, legally sanctioned organization to further her research into the paranormal. This goal was realized in 1974 when Sylvia incorporated The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, a nonprofit organization (now known as Society of Novus Spiritus). Since then, Sylvia has helped thousands of people gain control of their lives, live more happily, understand the meaning of life, and to find God in their own unique way.

Sylvia’s philosophy of life is based upon research into past lives, via hypnosis, and through the information obtained via Sylvia’s deep trance channeling ability. From thousands of hypnotic regressions, and hundreds of trance sessions, the fact of reincarnation was established as the key to understanding life. Sylvia accepts reincarnation as a central theme in her philosophy, yet this belief is never forced upon anyone who does not want to hear it. Sylvia always says, "Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind." She is also strongly pro God, but again does not force the issue. Sylvia likes to tell people, "It does not matter if you believe in God, because God believes in you."

Sylvia Browne’s media appearances in the San Francisco Bay Area include all major radio and television stations; in addition, her talents have been showcased in national programs such as the Unsolved Mysteries, In Search Of ..., That’s Incredible, and the Montel Williams Show. She has been featured in major print media including Cosmopolitan and People Magazine. The entire nation saw her starring in the hour long CBS Special Haunted Lives, as well as the sole guest on the Larry King Live show. Thousands have heard her on Coast to Coast with Art Bell and thousands saw her two Pay-Per-View specials in 1999 and also on June 4, 2000.

Sylvia does many public appearances each year, from her two hour one-woman show, to benefits for charitable organizations, especially AIDs related organizations. She is involved with community activities and donates many hours to help find missing children and also working with police to solve crimes.

Sylvia has several published works resulting from her research into parapsychology. These books include: "Journey of the Soul," "Conversations With the Other Side," "Astrology Through the Eyes of a Psychic," a "Catechism" of Sylvia’s philosophy, and others. Her biography, Adventures of a Psychic, is available through Hay House (republished in 1998) became a New York Times best seller. Her book, The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond (Dutton -8/99) became a New York Times best seller within one week of it's release.

To further her goals, Sylvia formed another organization in 1986, Society of Novus Spiritus (meaning New Spirit) based upon a Christian Gnostic theology. She is training ministers to actively help spread her philosophy. Her goals are to prove that the soul survives death, that God is a real and loving presence, that there is a Divine plan to our lives, and to establish a spiritual community that loves God (both the Father and Mother God) without the sin and guilt found in most of today’s faiths.

P.S. Sylvia does not endorse any "psychic hot lines" or (900) line services. Any claim to the contrary is a fraudulent misuse of Sylvia's name.