S T U D Y   G R O U P   I N F O R M A T I O N 
 W H A T   I S   A   S T U D Y   G R O U P ? 
A Study Group is a group of people interested in studying Sylvia’s spiritual philosophy. It is similar to a book club or Bible study, but in this case, the Study Group studies material by Sylvia and her Guides, Francine and Raheim.
 W H O   J O I N S   T H E   S T U D Y   G R O U P   P R O G R A M ? 
People who have:
  • Read and enjoyed Sylvia’s books and lectures
  • Been let down by organized religions that preach “guilt”, “sin” and a “vengeful God”
  • Always been looking for a deeper meaning in life and want answers to tough questions like; “Why are we here?”, “Why is there so much hate in the world?” and “Where do we go after this?”
  • Always felt this way, but never had anyone to share these ideas with
     C A N   I   S T U D Y   O N   M Y   O W N ? 
    The material can be studied either in a group or on your own. Either way you are considered a group.

    If you wish to study with others, you may invite people you know, place an ad in a newspaper or community bulletin board, and/or open your group to referrals from the office.

    Usually these groups meet in peoples’ homes, in a local café or coffee shop. We have hundreds of active Study Groups all over North America (and the world), many of which are open to accepting new members.

     W H A T   D O   W E   S T U D Y ? 
    The primary materials that are studied are the 8 “Journey of the Soul” books that are produced in Sylvia’s office (not the 3 books of the same title available in stores). These books contain information taken directly from research with Francine and Raheim, as well as lectures by Sylvia.

    Other material that you may study during meetings include:

  • Sunday Service tapes (mailed to you upon receipt of your charter fee)
  • Any publications, tapes or videos by Sylvia or the Society of Novus Spiritus
     W H A T   I S   M Y   R O L E   A S   A   S T U D Y   G R O U P   C O O R D I N A T O R ? 
    A coordinator is no more than the person who provides the space, organizes the meeting time and has interaction with the group’s liaison and the Novus office. They are not expected to teach, know more, or be the source of information. It is similar to a book club, where people are studying together and sharing ideas. We provide each group with a liaison who assists by researching and providing answers to questions about the Study Group material and Novus philosophy.
     H O W   D O   I   R U N   A   M E E T I N G ? 
    We give each group the flexibility to hold meetings in a way that works best for them. Some groups meet weekly, others twice a month, and others meet monthly. Some groups take summers off. Many groups meet in the coordinator’s home, but the meeting place may be rotated to other members’ homes if the group chooses. Some groups choose to meet in a café or coffee house.

    As far as the meetings themselves it is up to the coordinator to decide how the material will be discussed. We will send you some meeting ideas in your Study Group Start Packet

     H O W   C A N   I   G E T   O T H E R   P E O P L E   T O   J O I N   M Y   G R O U P ? 
    You can invite your friends and family to join or put a notice on a local bulletin board or in the local newspaper. Novus can also put you in touch with others in your area looking for a Study Group if you wish.

    If you decide to open your group to referrals from Novus, we give YOU full control over what information is revealed to prospective members. We will never give out your home address or last name. We also encourage you to use your intuition about prospective members. If they do not seem to be a good fit for your group, you do not have to invite them back. We recommend keeping your group to a maximum of twenty.

     W H A T   I F   W E   H A V E   Q U E S T I O N S   A B O U T   T H E   M A T E R I A L ? 
    Each Study Group is assigned a liaison to answer the group’s questions. You may forward your questions with your monthly charter fee or directly to your liaison, depending on what works for both of you. If you have administrative questions, or if you are having trouble contacting your liaison, you can contact the study group department of your home office.
     H O W   M U C H   D O E S   I T   C O S T   T O   B E   I N   A   G R O U P ? 
    The monthly charter fee is $25 (U.S.) (starting May 1st, 2014). Whether you are in a group with other people or studying on your own, it is the Study Group Coordinator’s responsibility to send the monthly fee. If you are studying with others, you can ask for a donation to help cover the monthly fee. You may choose to have the fee automatically charged to your credit card, or you may send in a check or money order every month. If you send a check or money order its up to you to send in your fee, we will not bill you.

    After we receive your fee each month, we will send you a Sunday Service Tape with a message by either Sylvia or one of the Novus ministers. You will also receive a copy of the Novus Connection, the Novus Spiritus Study Group Newsletter available exclusively to our Study Groups.

     W H E R E   D O   I   G E T   T H E   M A T E R I A L S   W E   A R E   T O   S T U D Y ? 
    Study Group materials, including the Journey of the Soul books are to be purchased through your home office (Renton, WA or San Jose, CA). Study Group members receive a $5 discount on each Journey of the Soul book they purchase (a 20% discount!).

    Discounts of 10% off other products are available for people who choose to become Lifetime Members of the Society of Novus Spiritus. Information about Lifetime Novus Membership is available in the Study Group Start Packet.

    To help you get started, the Study Group Start Packet includes two lectures (audio) by Sylvia, Novus Spiritus Questions and Answers, and the first Journey of the Soul Topic 1: God. Future mailings will only include your monthly audio (tape or CD) and the Study Group newsletter “Novus Connection”, unless you purchase additional products.

     H O W   L O N G   D O E S   T H E   P R O G R A M   L A S T ? 

    As long as you want it to. You can receive a tape every month indefinitely, even after your group completes the 8 Journey of the Soul Books. You can also study Sylvia’s other books during your Study Group.

    Each Journey of the Soul book contains a Study Guide also called the Novitiate Exam. It is an open book test that you may use to see if you understand the information you are studying. If you choose to complete and send in all 8 tests, you can apply for the Novitiate Degree. This degree is a way of demonstrating your understanding of our teachings and distinguish yourself as a Gnostic seeker of truth.

     H O W   D O   I   G E T   S T A R T E D ? 
  • Join an existing group:
    Click Here to locate a study group in your area.
    Someone will get back with you with a list of Study Groups accepting new members in your state. We will forward your information to the coordinator, so that you can get more details about their group meeting. You may also call our office at (408) 379-7070 to locate a group near you.
  • Start a Study Group with other people:
    Click Here to read how to begin the process to start your own study group.
    Fill out an application and all corresponding forms. Mail your application to the address on the forms along with your first month’s charter fee of $25 US Funds.
  • Start studying on your own: Just like starting a group with other people,
    Click Here to read how to begin the process to start your own study group, fill out an application and all corresponding forms. Mail your application to the address below along with your first month’s charter fee of $25 US Funds.
     T H A N K   Y O U ! 
    For supporting our efforts to bring light into the world through our Gnostic philosophy. 100% of the charter fees are used to support Society of Novus Spiritus, a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.