S T U D Y   G R O U P   M A T E R I A L S 
 A B O U T   N O V U S 
An introductory text describing the tenets, goals and philosophy of Sylvia's Church, Society of Novus Spiritus. Please read this book carefully. If you find yourself in general agreement with Sylvia's philosophy then the Study Group program is right for you. You can read this document on-line if you would like at aboutnovus.cfm
 W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E   T O   S T A R T 
After you have registered, we receive your signed Hold Harmless Agreement form and fee you will be assigned a Study Group liaison and receive your Study Group Start Pack. A Study Group liaison helps answer questions that arise from studying the Novus Spiritus philosophy. Your Liaison can call or email you to discuss your group's progress and concerns, and provide a connection back to Novus Spiritus headquarters.

As complimentary gifts to the Study Group Coordinator, the Study Group Start Pack includes:
  • Audio recording of a lecture by Sylvia
  • Novus Spiritus Questions and Answers (1 book)
    (Gives answers to over 350 questions asked, like the Meaning of Life, God, Angels, The Other Side, Reincarnation and many more.)
  • Journey of the Soul Topic 1, God. (1 book)
    (Journey of the Soul is a set of 8 books, currently published, that form the core of Sylvia's most advanced teachings. These books contain detailed knowledge from over 20 years of research with Francine and Sylvia's discourses on the meaning of it all. Each Journey of the Soul book comes with a study guide (Novitiate Exam) to help show what knowledge you have retained.)
     W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E   I N   T H E   F O L L O W I N G   M O N T H S   
    For the monthly fee, each month you receive:
  • Audio recordings of Novus Spiritus Sunday Services
    (Specially selected audio recordings of Sunday Services by the Ministers. These recordings are the next best thing to being at a Novus Spiritus church service.)
  • A copy of “Novus Connection”
    (Our monthly Study Group Newsletter, published exclusively for Study Groups.)

    You can purchase and go through the materials in any order. Purchase each of the additional Journey of the Soul Topics (JOS 2-8) from Novus Spiritus to get the discount price. The discount is available only to active Study Group coordinators and Study Group members. To order additional products you can use a product order form, included in the Start Pack and monthly mailings, call or email the office.

    Each Study Group participant, including Study Group Coordinator, is expected to purchase their own required Study Group materials (only Topic 1 is provided free of charge in the Start Pack). All of Sylvia's material is copyrighted, please do not duplicate. Purchasing these materials help support Novus Spiritus. You may wish to purchase a few extra copies of the books for new group members, then have those people reimburse you.