B E C O M E   A     P A R T   O F   T H E   N O V U S   S P I R I T U S ®   C O M M U N I T Y 

Thirty-Two years ago, Sylvia Browne founded the Society of Novus Spiritus® - her monument to God - a forum to express the joy and love that is God, without fear, guilt, sin, hell, and Satan. This decision was a natural extension of her love for God and all of humanity. Through Novus, Sylvia gives the world a means to understand God, Life, and the Reason for Being.

Since then, Sylvia keeps spreading her gift and her knowledge through her work - in her books, numerous lectures, TV appearances, Spiritual Salons and private readings over the phone. Sylvia continues to be our beacon for this Spiritual Movement.

The Society of Novus Spiritus® is not just Sylvia Browne; it's an embodiment of all of those who embrace this philosophy and continue this Spiritual Movement. Many within our Novus community come together and stay connected through community outreach, prayer chains, church services, and study groups located throughout the world.

Truly, Novus Spiritus® has grown to become a community of many, all carrying forth this philosophy - to be a living body of people that moves and works together to share the spirit of Christ-Consciousness. It's a place of learning, growing, and a way to be among people of common beliefs, to understand life, and have the tools to empower ourselves and others.

We know that through open communication, outreach, and community involvement with each other, this spiritual movement will grow even stronger. It's our pledge to you that we'll maintain these actions in our mission to &Share the Knowledge& and spread the Novus Spiritus philosophy.

As we look over the last 32 years, we've seen how much Novus Spiritus® has helped others improve their lives, regain their spirituality, find the meaning of life, the afterlife, their chart, and mission for God. By coming together spiritually, physically, emotionally, prayerfully, and financially, we can continue to spread this philosophy and strengthen this Spiritual Movement.

One of Sylvia's dreams is to have a Novus Spiritus® Healing Center where everyone from all faiths and beliefs are welcome to receive spiritual guidance, hypnosis, past-life regressions, and healings. By joining our lights together, we can achieve these and many other goals.

Thank you for helping us on this mission, and for all of those who join together with us now to continue to foster and support Novus Spiritus®.

For more information about Novus Spiritus® or to donate to our spiritual community, please call (408) 379-7070

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