T H O U G H T S   F R O M   S Y L V I A 
These tenets make up a small, but concise, form of our beliefs. No, I should say rather, our knowing. We know them to be true, not only because years of research has replaced faith with knowing, but Francine, my Spirit Guide, has also given us vast information. But regardless of the source, the touchstone inside hears truth and you simply know without knowing why.

People have said to me, over my many years as a practicing psychic, "I don't know why, Sylvia, but this is something I've always believed, but did not know why." Others have said, "Why don't you start a religion?" which is another wind that filled the sail.

So after many years of tortuous visualization, on April 12, 1986 I stepped out on stage and stated very softly, "I am starting a new, world religion." It has always been inside of me, but "religion" has become a very harsh word. It carries dogma, rigid rules, and as stated in this book, devils, sin, and hell.

Novus Spiritus carries love, peace, staying on track, and the answers to what we thought were mysteries.

Novus Spiritus is religious without being religionistic. We are spiritual without being spiritualistic. Why then any religion? Because we want to minister to people. We want to be an "also" faith, not an "instead of." We want to have holistic centers, a hospice, a children's school, a crisis line, a home for the elderly, a haven for the dying. We do not want to be a hierarchy that is removed from the people, but a living body of people that moves and works together to reach our goal.

Why does Novus have a Sunday Service? Because it helps keep us on track. To accept truth keeps you free of guilt, illness, anxiety, and fear. To come together under one roof and collectively give love, support, and aid to each other is the way Christ wanted it. He wanted his apostles to go forth and preach the logic and love of God. He believed it was part of the new law that He came down to bring us.

Even more than early Christianity, Novus believes in life after life, which enhances Christianity and goes farther than any other religion. Novus takes the best aspects and truth from each religion. You will not find a "fear trap" in Novus, nor any enticement, or occult entanglement. Each time you attend Service you will feel better and be able to get through the week more easily. You will find your life falling into place and not plagued by fear, guilt, and failure. The other, and perhaps most important plus, is that you will shorten the number of lives you need to live.

Novus will help you stop the wheel of continual lives, so that you may go home and not keep coming back. Francine says that once the soul rids itself of "religious abnormalities," the soul is free to live happily through life, and make easier transitions to the Other Side (of course, because we then know where we are going).

Please accept this religion, as we have, as a golden gift from God. Do not pass up this chance in life to ascend to the top of the pyramid, finally unfettered and whole, the way we were intended to be, to love and work together.

Thank you my dear family and dearest friends, members and loved ones, from Kenya, Europe, and the USA, who had the faith in me to help me finally realize my dream.