D R E A M   A N A L Y S I S   A S T R A L   P R O J E C T I O N 
Dream Analysis and Astral Projection

Registration: 425-255-9042

This class teaches you how to interpret your own dreams, eliminating the many different and confusing theories of dream books. By learning your unique symbolism, you will decipher what a dream means for you; what dream release is; how to determine which dreams are precognitive and which are message dreams, and what flying dreams signify. We fully explain each of these topics, teaching you to understand your dreams, and how understanding them can help you to understand and improve your everyday life.

We will also discuss astral projection and how to astrally project while awake or asleep using Sylvia's clear, easy-to-follow technique. We will discuss the different types of psychic phenomenon involving astral projection. Did you know that we astrally project approximately three times a week while sleeping? Demystify this topic for yourself and find out if it is some-thing you want to learn to do at will.

Registration is made by filling out this form or phone (425) 255-9042