H Y P N O S I S   I   A N D   I I 
Hypnosis I and II

Registration: (425) 255-9042

Hypnotize yourself and others to formulate healing suggestions to affect a cure. The exercises and the training provide a practical and psychological way, without drugs or artificial aids, of reaching a state of hypnosis. In this state you begin to see things in a new way. One by one, you can remove the causes keeping you from living a fully integrated life, with all the powers of the mind-body working in harmony and to their fullest capacities. Hypnosis I concentrates on self and hetero hypnosis for behavior modification. Hypnosis II concentrates on using hypnosis for past life regressions.

This class is limited to the first 40 people with a paid deposit. Click Here to fill out the form and register for the course.