T H E   S O C I E T Y   O F   N O V U S   S P I R I T U S   C L O S I N G   P R A Y E R 
Dear Father and Mother God,

Let Your Infusion and Grace encompass each and every one of us.
Let it last throughout our lives,
Until we are joined with You and each other, on the Other Side.
Let us not feel alone or sick.
We ask for the Holy Spirit's Healing Grace
To enter every cell of this vehicle we call the body.
Let us link our souls like a giant shaft of Light that will appear
For everyone in need.

May the Word, the Spirit, and the Grace be with you.

In the name of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad.

Blessed be this Queen on high that is sacred to us all who come to Her. AMEN