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"When we leave this plane, we go to the Other Side."


This is really an auspicious occasion for us. We are starting a "New Religion," although twenty years ago I wanted to do this. The word "religion" carried with it so much negativity, but there is no other word that fits what we are trying to do. If you say "society," it sounds like it is a cult. If you say "fraternity," it sounds like a group of people just doing something together. It is more than that, not that there is anything wrong with society or fraternity. So it is "religion."

This is the first time in two thousand years that a new religion has been started, incorporating Christianity with Reincarnation.

The Gnostics and the Essenes believed in Reincarnation up until 325 AD with the Council of Nicaea, scholars and theologians tell us. So did our Lord, because he studied in the East.


Stop and think. It makes more sense.

Since God is an equal opportunity employer, it takes care of all the inequalities of life rather than a "vengeful, mean, humanized god."

We do not like to admit that we wrote our own Chart . I know that you are thinking, I have thought it, "You mean to tell me that I was stupid enough to write this?"

It is like I have said so many times, when you feel good on a certain day and you say to someone, "Let's go to the ball game Wednesday." You feel great about it. But Wednesday rolls around, and you say, "Oh, why did I say that?"


It is the very same thing when we come down. You felt good about it, because you were in a perfect, happy, marvelous environment which is Home. Then you came down. But you see how smart we are, how clever we are, how spiritual? We just do not always pick the most wonderful, happy life.

I have had people come to me and ask me, "Do you mean if I have had a happy life, I am not perfecting?"

That is not the case. It is not that many of our lives are not spent happy, because God's finger does not move in a Russian roulette fashion, but because we pick hard courses.

Is there anybody who can say, "I have never been lonely, I have never been depressed, I have never had grief, I have never felt isolation, I have never felt guilt"? Why have you felt all those things?

You have chosen to feel it. Through that, you learned.

You may say, "I do not know what I have learned, because I am still miserable."


The fact that you get up every day and put your clothes on and walk around, you have learned. You see, there is a marvelous fail-safe in this from God. You are not going to lose. You are going to graduate whether you like it or not, because you made it so. The only thing that intercepts this is suicide; that is the only warp that appears. That means you have to come back and do the very same thing all over again.


"Hell" was a fear trap. In the Old Testament, in Hebrew, and still to the Orthodox Jews, "Sheol" meant "to be buried." The worst thing even today for most Orthodox Jews is to die.


So everybody said, "That is a great fear trap. Let's get 'hell.' Not only that, let us put somebody with horns in it."

There is no devil. If there is any hell, it is here. You are in it.

Does that sound negative? No, but there is enough ego, and there are enough problems that we have to deal with. Even the gravitational thing we have to deal with, the vehicle of the body, the illnesses, the not feeling good every day. But, you see, the constancy of God always holds us statically and omnipotently and forever connected to Him.

It does not matter if people do not believe in God.

One woman came in one day and said, "I do not believe in God." I said, "That's okay, He believes in you."


Gnostics [meaning "Seeker of Truth"], not Agnostics [meaning "Ignoring Truth"], know that you could believe in religion theologically, by reason. That is what we are bringing you, reason. Anything that you can ask can be answered. There are no mysteries. It will hit a truth inside of you and a reality inside of you that you never believed possible. Believing on faith alone is exhausting.


For years and years people in my Reading Room and TV and everywhere said, "Sylvia, I believe the way you believe."

You see, my belief system came to me years and years ago from my Spirit Guide; but it has never been formalized into a religion for the people, not a hierarchy, but a religion where all the people can work together. My Guide says that once you embrace this knowledge of why you are here, you stop your lifespan of coming back and back and back. You would not be here if you did not have that truth. There are so many people who do not want ritual, but want to believe in God and have a living religion of how to get by every day. Our dream, my dream, is to have a temple, to have a hospice, to have a place for animals, to have a school for children. All of those things to be an addition to [your current faith]. You do not have to come to us instead of. You can come to us besides what you have.

When we leave this plane, we go to the Other Side.

This morning a minister asked one of the little kids, ten years old, how the sermon or talk was; and he said, "It was okay, but she talked a lot about the 'opposite side.'"

Well, it really is. We should call it that, "The Opposite Side." We go to the Other Side, and we are happy. There are research centers and libraries and music halls and singing and art and animals and all our loved ones.

So what can we do now? We can hold each other's hand, congregate together, pray together, heal together, administer to each other, and make it easier.

There is no one within this organization that is going to turn a deaf ear to you. We can be ill, we can be sick, we can be tired, and we can be lonely. The more advanced we are, sometimes it seems the harder things become. You know why? Because we have intellectual spiritualization.

People who walk around, "Life is a bowl of cherries, and everything is wonderful. Oh, the dog died," they worry me.

But to be able to come together and have a voice,
to know that we are of one, single mind
of spirituality of giving and caring.
That we are not just a bunch of numbers,
and that God truly is love.

Our Lord said, "Love your neighbor as yourself."


Most of us did not have a problem loving other people, but the problem we had was loving ourselves. We never understood. No one ever told us that the reason we should love ourselves is because we are genetically part of the Divine.


It is like a cup I got today from one of the ministers that said, "There is no one like me."

There is no one like you.
There is no one that is as unique as you are.
No one will ever be.

How dare you ever let anyone step on you? How dare you let your life be miserable and a mess, because you say it is your "Christian duty" or your "karma"!


That is a cop-out. After you have learned and you begin to chafe at the bit, then drop it. We wonder why we cannot love our parents as much as we want to, or our children, or our spouse, or whoever it may be, or maybe people on the job. Maybe they are unlovable.


I have said to people, "Did you ever think that your mother or your father was unlovable?"


They gasp. That does not mean that you drop them somewhere, but understanding and the toleration gets better.

Knowing that everything that you go through is for your perfection, makes it all worthwhile.

There is a sense of knowing, instead of just randomly wandering through life saying, "What is all this for? Am I on track, or am I not on track?"


People constantly say, "What have I accomplished?"


The fact that you came down here was the biggest plus that ever was, especially when my Guide calls it "The Insane Asylum of the Universe." If you do not believe that, drive in rush hour traffic.

Loving yourself means "to get over yourself."

How important is it for you to always be self-centered? We can center ourselves, but self-centered? No. How important is anything that happens to us going to be one hundred years from now, or two weeks from now, or four days from now? Do you realize if everything that we anticipated to happen, actually did happen to us, we would be written up in Ripley's Believe It Or Not? We have the news to contend with, don't we? We are worried about nuclear war. There is not going to be a nuclear war; I promise you there will not be.


Is there going to be a big earthquake? Yes [in 2011 as of 8/95]. Now, if you want to go home and worry about what is going to happen, do it. Personally, I do not think it is worth worrying about. By that time, we will be in Santa Fe or Colorado with ocean-front property. [An exaggeration, only the coastal areas are sunk.]


We do not like getting older, and we do not like being young. When we are young, we do not know what we are doing. When we are older, we feel nobody is going to listen to us anyway. So we are damned if we do, and damned if we do not.

We have got to be a Beacon of Light.

Now is the time, because it is becoming precarious out there. People are disillusioned with their religion and with their beliefs, and they have nothing to believe in.


Like I have said so many times, "They are afraid to live, and even more afraid to die."


We are afraid to even talk about anybody dying. Two things that people are afraid to talk about, sex and dying. I had one woman say to me one time, "They are alike." I said, "Come see me, you need help."


A few people said this morning after I gave my talk, "She is not as funny as she is in lectures." Of course not; God is a very serious thing.

I incorporate God in everything, because God is everything to me.


I am not telling you anything that will not hit a chord. It has been told to you for centuries. The only difference is we are going to show you how to implement them. If a person believes that they are already preordained like the Calvinistic philosophy, what is the use? That would deny you, because it is very much like going into school and taking your courses.


If that were the case, couldn't you say, "Well, I already took my courses. Wasn't it preordained?"


It also depends on how well you do in your courses. You are going to finish the courses, but do you want an "A" or do you want a "D-"? That is where the variable is. If you get an "A," you do not have to come back. If you want to come back, of course, you will come back. But most of us, I will be willing to bet my life that the majority of you really, really, whether they grasp this or not, do not want to come back. They could not pay me to come back. Not that I do not love life because I have had a great time, but I just want to go Home. Most of us suffer with homesickness. Most of us condense our problems all at once, some of us spread them over a lifetime, but we do have lateral movement.

But be careful what you pray for; you may get it.

You can say, "If I am going to have tough stuff, let me take it in a six month period or three month period. Let it be over with."


I see so many people in the Reading Room who have had five, ten, fifteen years of nothing but horror. We can condense that. It is like, do you want to take chemistry in two semesters, or do you want to take it in one summer and get it over with? You are still taking chemistry, but you are getting it over with.


We are afraid to touch each other, and people in other cultures think we are crazy. We never can walk up to somebody and talk to them; people in foreign countries walk right up to you. We are so hygiene conscious. That does not mean we all have to go out and talk to each other because people will look at us funny, but I mean to be able to touch and hold and hug. To be able to have someone care when you feel that life is not worth it. To be able to have someone put their arms around you. I am sick of this non-feeling society, I am sick of the ostentatiousness of it, and I am sick to death of the fear of God. If God is, which He is, omnipotent, all-loving, perfect and good, then He is not mean, nasty and cranky.

Do not put any humanized quality on God.

The minute you put a vengeful, nasty god in there, you have lost Him. He is no longer there. God does not have any of those humanistic attributes that we have.

By loving ourselves, we must have some righteousness.


We must even go through the vengeance and anger, and, sometimes as crazy as it sounds, the hatred, to get to the other side of it to be able to tolerate it. Do not push. If somebody hurts you real bad, like a woman I saw the other day whose husband just raked her over the coals, left her destitute almost like a bag lady with two children, and took off with another woman.


The minister of her church said, "You have to be kind and love him."


I would have gone out with a ball bat, but I said, "Of course, you cannot. You have got to work through these negative feelings, and you have got to get to the other side of it."


She said, "I want him dead."


I said, "Of course, you do, not that he is going to die because you want him that way. What kind of power would you have?"


We are afraid of our emotions, don't you see? We have become a group of "androids." If we are not supposed to have any emotions, no feelings, then we get cancer. That is what causes cancer. Why did God put anger and righteousness and everything else there? Why, because the flesh is supposed to be weak? No, no way. The flesh is only weak because of the gravitational pull, and because we are not in our life element.

Flesh is not weak.


To this day doctors do not know what makes the heart beat. The physiological system is the most magnificent machine in the world. Try any other machine that goes on beating for forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years. Try to get a pump that pumps as much as the heart does day in and day out, a thousand times more harsh than even a piston in a car; and we know how long they last.

Be joyous. Be happy. Be imbued with the true Christian spirit that God is love.


People say, "I do not want to ask God, because I have already asked Him three times this week. He is tired of hearing from me."


This is how irrational it is, that God has a check-list and says, "Listen Susie, I have heard from you four times this week, and I am fed up with you"; isn't that crazy, and aren't we stupid though that we bought it all?

You can ask God a million times.
He is constant and loving and always caring,
like we should be, with Unconditional Love.


[God says,] "I let you, I allow you, and I know that you will go through these sufferings, these trials, because you are going to perfect for your own soul and the God-Centeredness within you."


As much as we tell ourselves when our children get a little older, we have to let them go, we have to let them learn, don't we? We never let them out of our lives, but we have to let them learn. So do we learn, spiritually and lovingly so that we can go back to God and not have to keep coming back.


Many people have told me, "The patterns of my life keep repeating. I keep meeting the same man, I keep meeting the same woman, and I keep getting the same job."


The minute the realization of this pattern starts, that you know you have done the same thing over and over, [you can stop the pattern]. The Christ-Consciousness and the Holy Spirit are the best.

Live your life with joy; allow yourself to be; give sanction to yourself to be.


That does not mean that we all have hatred and are mean and nasty. No, because that does not get us anywhere. But somebody who hurts us terribly, are we supposed to be kissy, kissy? I do not know who can do that. Personally, I think saints are boring.

You can stop this rotation of your life.
You can stop being afraid and in the dark and alone.
There is never a time when God is not there.
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