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Since knowledge is power, the Study Group program will become a powerful means to enhance your Spirituality.


Let me begin by thanking you for becoming one of our "Seekers of Truth." I applaud your decision to make the journey with us to enhance your understanding of life and to renew your acquaintance with your own true self. Together we will walk down a path that was long forgotten, but now stepping upon it again you will rediscover beautiful vistas that were buried deep within your memory. As you progress through our books your soul will resonate to the simplicity, truth, and logic of the Divine plan for our world and your life.

I want to emphasize how important the Study Group program is. It really goes beyond just a learning experience. Since knowledge is power, then this program will become a powerful means to enhance your Spirituality. The most important job we have is to make our innate goodness manifest in this world. Once we can integrate God into our daily lives, then we are doing as Jesus commanded, namely; love God, love one another.

The material we present gives you a rational basis to understand life. Many religions ask you to believe on blind faith alone, to ask no questions. But we find that only through seeking and finding answers can you come to a logical understanding of God and the world around us. Many people do not believe in a loving God simply because they see the terrible conditions in our world. By showing you a completely logical framework for life, then the concept of a loving God is still viable. Besides, it does not really matter if you believe in God, because God believes in you.

As Novus Spiritus grows and spreads worldwide, the Study Groups will become the primary outlet for our Spiritual teachings. We have great plans to make Study Groups a vital aspect of the church. Rather than build structures to meet in, we will rely upon people like you to make a place of worship and study. I cannot emphasize enough how important you are to making Novus Spiritus a success.

I send you my blessings, my love, and my heartfelt thanks for your help in making Spirituality an important part of life.

God love you, I do ...

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