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Reincarnation is the glue among humanity, perfection, and our all loving God.


Novus Spiritus believes that every person must perfect their soul. The method to do so relies upon enduring adversity, for which the physical world was created. Living provides the opportunity to test the soul, where we face the hardships of life, learn from them, and become closer to our goal of perfection. Perfecting the soul is the most important task we ever perform. Consider how most of us learn, by trial and error. We tend to do things repeatedly until it is done correctly. Even the most trivial of tasks needs repetition. Has anyone ever tied their shoes properly on the first try?


Are we to assume that God has no patience with us? Will He be upset if we are not perfect after one life? Would His anger condemn us to a burning hell because tying shoes took a month to learn? We think not, at least not a loving God.


Reincarnation is the most reasonable concept to explain the inequities of life in light of an all loving God. The alternative, a God of hate, is simply not tenable. Reincarnation is accepted in the vast majority of religions. Even the Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabala, supports it.


The word "perfection" is used frequently around Novus. The claim is that you are obligated to perfect your soul. Does this mean you must reach the ultimate perfection of God Himself? No. The idea is to reach a level of perfection, which you have chosen, that you will be content with for all eternity.


Perfection is akin to having a college degree. Most folks are content with getting a Bachelor’s Degree. Others will want to learn more and obtain a Masters. A few will journey farther to the Ph.D. level. Each of us makes this choice prior to life. Please note: every person is perfectly happy with their chosen level. The PhDs do not parade around in arrogant displays of superiority, they are far too evolved for such pettiness. Rather, it is like Francine's analogy of the thimble and the bucket:

"A thimble and bucket stand empty. They both must realize their full potential. The bucket begins its journeys through life. As the waters of experience are added, the bucket slowly fills. The little thimble then starts its journeys. In a short time the thimble has filled itself, and is content. Yet the bucket has much more to learn and continues. Finally, the bucket too stands full — Which is fuller?"

The answer to the above question is that neither the bucket nor the thimble is fuller. They are both full, to the brim, and that is sufficient unto itself. The fact that the bucket contains more is not important. The goal is to find a level of perfection which exactly fills you. And upon reaching that level, you are as evolved as you can become.


Now we must give due credit to the bucket. The fact is that he learned much more, which is very important to the bucket. In so doing, the bucket will enjoy a richer understanding of all things. More insights, more beauty, more knowledge are available to the bucket. Yet this does not mean the thimble is unhappy. Indeed, the thimble cannot even conceive of those things which the bucket treasures. The thimble is completely happy with its level of perfection and cannot be happier.

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