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Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana. All of these words describe the "Other Side."

After "Death," Your Soul Goes To The Other Side, Better Known As Heaven.

Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana. All of these words describe the "Other Side." It is the place of eternity, where our experience of God and others is direct and unfettered by the limitations of time and space. All beauty and wisdom awaits us there. Life's pain and trauma pales to a dim memory, where only the soul's perfection is the badge of having lived. Continuous joy pervades our home, with the total comfort of our Lord caring for us. There is no separation from Him or Her. Home at last.


Does the above description make you want to go there? Hopefully it does. Which is precisely why we retain only the dimmest remembrance of the Other Side (our eternal home). The problem lies in having to stay in the physical world until your work is done. If we carried a clear and ever present knowledge of home, we literally could not stand to live. The pain of separation is too great. To prevent mass suicide, God deprives us of certain memories. Among them is the Other Side and, oddly enough, the full scope of God's love for us. To fully feel His love is more addictive than any drug. Some souls are known to lose themselves within the "beatific vision" upon returning home.










The Other Side, or Home, is a very active place. Full of loving, learning, and laughing. It is also where we plan for life. The process of planning lives is quite complex. There are a great many factors to consider for each one, such as:

  • Who your parents will be

  • Body structure

  • What time frame you want

  • Where you want to live

  • Race and culture to be raised in

  • Level of education

  • Wealth or poverty

  • Occupation

  • Marriage and children

  • Health problems to endure

  • Major adversities

  • Contingency plans

  • Exit points, when you will die

Your one life will touch many others. It is vital to plan it and live it to the end. Many other souls have made plans based upon you. If you flub-up, the plans of others must change. The house of cards image applies here. Kick out one card; it will all tumble. We have many advisors available during the planning phase. These people are known as the Council. They are not exactly like the rest of us, for they seem to carry a more direct knowledge from God, especially as it relates to personal abilities. The Council will review your list of "things to accomplish" and provide guidance on its feasibility.

Life planning begins when you feel a need to complete some facet of experience. This is the, "I am not content with myself" syndrome. This feeling leads to generating a list of experiences you feel are needed to fill the void. That list is then taken to Council. They will advise whether you have taken too much, or perhaps too little. They then help you decide if one or more lives is required to complete your list. With them, you map out the major events (some listed above) needed to reach your goal.


Consider how much effort is needed to coordinate all of the people involved in just your life. Start with parents. You need two people who agree to bear you, which will determine many of your physical and mental attributes. So getting a set of parents to fill your requirements may be difficult. If you need to be a very large, muscular male, then certain genetics must be found. And what about race? If you need to be black, your choices are again limited.


So assume you found parents with the correct genetic structure. Now you need to ensure they will be in the correct continent for your requirements. If not, perhaps you need to be abandoned and found by others from the proper area. Or maybe you will run away from home to get where you need to be. The possibilities are endless.


Oh, did we forget to ask what time period you require? Well, living in a high-tech society will restrict your choices. Or a life as primitive man has only a narrow time-slice to use. Perhaps you needed to witness the life of Christ?


Oh fine, now you want kids! Sure, piece of cake. Just arrange a spouse who is willing to endure your perfection scheme and get a couple of others to be the children. Do not forget to allow these entities a separate path toward perfection which you will have to endure.


Lets see, anything else? Ah! You want to be poor this time. You better tell the kids, they will not like it much. And your spouse, better toss "born to shop" out the window (assuming shops and charge cards even exist).


And on and on it goes.


Now the above items do seem complex, yet a decent computer could sort it all out. However, add the complexity of any one person aborting early and the contingency planning becomes endless. It seems that only God can really coordinate the life plans for everyone. Fortunately He has done so. The Council acts as His mouthpiece in such matters.



Is anyone free to act as they wish? No, not in this world. The simple fact of civil law prevents action without consequences. How about freedom in the spiritual sense? Well, not quite. Here we also find limitation, but of a different sort. You have preordained a path for yourself, and within that path you are limited. During the planning for life, you have freedom of choice. However, this does not mean that every facet you desire will be available. For example, you may trade off on certain desired traits to ensure a needed time frame. If being a tall person is important, but living a pygmy life is more important, then you may wait for tallness in another life. This accounts for some of us feeling like "Why is this happening? It isn't me."

It may be a surprise that you chose all of your problems. You may ask, "Was I drunk when I agreed to all of this?" In one sense, you were. On the Other Side you are the best person you can possibly be: no fear, no weakness of faith or body, full intellect, and infused with the strength of our Lord. In that state you feel certain that any adversity can be easily met and overcome. In fact, the Council will usually advise reducing the amount of trauma you initially plan.

The best analogy is dieting. Eat a very large meal. Immediately after eating, plan to go on a diet. There is no question you can do it. Simple, just do not put food in the mouth. No problem. You can do it. Until tomorrow comes, then you face the reality.

Free will then, is two fold. Prior to incarnating we have free will. After getting into the life, it's too late. No major changes allowed. (Azna has been known to intercede - if, and only if - it is for a greater good for all concerned.) Please notice that this is logically consistent with your own plan. Your free will has placed adversity in the chart and you must fulfill that plan. To make any major change is to defect on your own perfection scheme, something which is not done. Even if you could change something in this life, then you would later have a life in which the problem was again presented. Eventually you will experience those items which seem fearful now.

Free will is why suicide is not a solution to your problems. Suicide is not an escape; it merely complicates the process through having to do it all over again. In fact, a suicide is dealt with immediately by the Other Side. The soul is literally forced back into life, with no rest period. The first available body is located, and you must take what you get. You forfeit most of your choices via suicide. Eventually you will be in the same despair, same trouble, same frame of mind, and will experience the same hopelessness, all over again, from the start.



Simply put, reincarnation provides the means to experience many lives in pursuit of perfecting the soul. It explains how God can be all loving and still "allow" all of the horrors we face upon this world. We see that God loves us enough to provide the best school possible, and forces us to complete our lessons, so that we can graduate and fulfill our own dreams of becoming more like Him and Her.

Reincarnation is the glue among humanity, perfection, and our all loving God.
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