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"If you can think of the question, the answer will be found."
-- Francine


Novus Spiritus believes that every prayer is answered, although we often do not hear it. The mechanics of prayer are very simple: Just make known what you want, need, or have concerns about. It really is that easy.


The Novus Prayer Chain is for anyone whom you wish to have prayers for. Send in the persons name as we have thousands of people who pray for everyone on our prayer chain. We believe in the power of prayer and know miracles can and do happen.

Join us in our PRAYER for WORLD PEACE
every Thursday evening at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time.

We believe in the power of prayer and know miracles happen. Join us, and the thousands of people who pray with us, in prayer for everyone on our Prayer Chain at 9 o'clock. (AM, PM and time zones don't matter).


Please enter the name of the person and purpose you wish to have placed on our daily Prayer Chain. Thank you.



Prayer is typically a means to garner strength during times of stress, for yourself or another person. The most prevalent use seems to be for health issues, both physical and mental. Very few people actually pray for a million dollars (with the exception of those playing the lottery). Although money concerns are a very valid, and often spoken, reason to pray.


That prayer works is assured us by the Bible. A more direct proof will come from your own experience. Often those things we are most worried about never come to pass. Oddly enough, we give no credit to God when prayers are answered. Consider the simple prayer to keep everyone safe while driving, perhaps on a trip or simply a ride. Well, does everyone remain safe? Yes! Do we bother to say "thank you, Father"? Not usually. Novus hopes that such things begin to cross your mind.


The inverse of prayer, invoking a curse or damnation upon someone, never works. In fact, such acts have a way of turning on you (when done with malicious intent). The message here is that practices such as voodoo, witchcraft, and spells are wasted energy.


Please do not be too scrupulous on the issue of curses. The very ordinary use of swearing is in no way an offense to God, even to "take His name in vain" is not wrong. God knows your heart and soul. A simple word cannot hurt or surprise Them. There is an old adage that goes ...

"Be careful what you pray for, you might just get it."

This may sound ominous, but it is merely a reminder that an answer to your prayer may come in unexpected ways. Consider a prayer to alleviate your financial problems. Some good ways would be to win a lottery, find a treasure, or poor old Granny leaving you some money. However, what if it came from the life insurance of your spouse?


You may pray for or about anything; there is no reason to save your prayers for "significant" issues. God always has time to listen to your thoughts, even the trivial ones. Speak them out. Consider it a pleasant chat with Father. You need not be in a special posture, building, or frame of mind to pray. Novus likes to make prayer a daily activity, with many frequent "phone calls" to God.


Talk to our Father and Mother frequently. In many cases, just explaining your concerns to Them will reveal a solution. And we encourage you to make the Mother God, Azna, a part of your daily chats with God. In fact, She is the one who adores to receive your love, and will take an active role in helping you through life. When you need help of the Highest Order, turn your prayers to Azna. Be very specific in your requests of Her, and then expect a true miracle to happen. She can, and does, change things for you, as long as it is not against your own best interest.



Bow your head, press hands together, if you like; however, Novus Spiritus does not ascribe to any special position.


Traditionally, kneeling and bowing the head was to show respect for God. Yet such a show is unimportant, for the soul itself must have that respect, and God will know the truth of it. No mere physical gesture can mask your true feelings toward God. Hence, kneeling and bowing are superfluous. Yet do so if it feels right for you.


The Novus way of prayer is to allow God's grace to enter your body, mind, and soul. We find the best posture for this is to sit comfortably, with feet flat on the floor. Place your hands in the lap, not touching, with palms facing up. Slightly raise your head to show Them your face. Calmly take a few breaths, relax, quiet your mind, and close your eyes.


The above posture is used for formal prayer, usually during our Spiritual Services. By no means is this required. The bottom line is to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. Some yogis find that praying on a bed of nails soothes them. You choose. The informal method of prayer is much more common, and just as effective, and goes something like …

"Oh by the way Azna, I meant to ask you ...."


This method is commonly employed as we hurry from one task to another. The normal pace of life does not slow to accommodate a calm chat with God, nor does it need to. The point here is to speak out your prayer when the thought occurs to you.


Often while taking a shower things will cross your mind. Speak it out. Another good time is while driving. Speak while driving, for They too are with you. (Even so, if other drivers start looking, pretend to be singing: add a lift to the eyebrow, exaggerate the mouth. They will never know.)



Novus Spiritus is dedicated to, and calls upon most, the White Light of the Holy Spirit. We feel that it is the active agent behind God's grace and power. It provides the solace, strength, and movement from God. The White Light is the primary symbol and manifestation of God's love.

The White Light is employed on a daily basis for protection and purity. A common prayer used to start each day goes:

"Dear Father and Mother,
I ask that the White Light of the Holy Spirit surrounds and protects me this day, and every day. I ask that it cleanse and purify my soul. I release, right now, any negativity, as so much dark smoke, to be absorbed by the White Light, causing no one harm. Let nothing but love and positive energy pass into or out of this protective bubble."

Novus uses many visual cues during prayer, the White Light is one of them. The above prayer mentions a protective bubble of light. How is this to be visualized? One method, from Sylvia, is to think about "Glinda the Good" from the movie Wizard of Oz. Remember how she appeared within a pink bubble? Now just put that image (imagination!) around you, and call it the White Light. Presto! You have successfully visualized the White Light of the Holy Spirit.


Feel free to pray for others that you care for. Especially call upon the White Light to protect your loved ones, just use their name in the above prayer. And please add any other thoughts while reciting the above. Also, use the protective bubble whenever you travel. Place it around the car, plane, boat, etc. Use the White Light in any fashion desired. You can mentally form the Light into shapes, such as an intense beam, to direct at someone (or to heal a malady). You can use it in business meetings to set a positive ambiance. Try it on your coworkers when they need a boost, or are being negative. Use it freely, spread it around, explode it whenever and wherever loving energy is needed. You cannot overuse it.


Become a Novus Spiritus Secret White Lighter!



What is a Spirit Guide? He or she is a discarnate entity (or spirit) on the Other Side, who is with you during your entire life. Prior to birth, you ask a very dear friend to help you with the next incarnation. This person then assumes the role of Guardian Angel, and becomes your champion in spiritual matters.


The bond with a Guide is deep, and never waivers. Your Guide is indeed a constant companion along the way. Talk to them frequently, give them the more trivial stuff to worry about, or the big things. Either way, they will have an important hand in your well-being.


At Novus, we emphasize saying your prayers aloud, actually verbalizing them. Why? Because it allows your Spirit Guide to hear your thoughts and assist you in some way. Yes, you can actually pray to your Guide. And most of the time your Guide will be the entity responsible to answer your prayers.



Talk, talk, talk. Does anyone ever pause to listen? Not much. And therein lies the reason that people feel God does not talk to them; no one is ever listening.


The Bible has many references to God speaking, especially to the common man. Did God suddenly go mute after the Bible was written? No, God still speaks to us through music, philosophy, the inner voice, and many great prophets, Sylvia Browne among them.


Each of us may access the voice of God. Simple meditations will open your mind to Their word. Or you may address your Guide; they too can reveal truth for you. And never forget that you are a part of God. By simply listening to the inner voice, that which defines right and wrong, you are listening to Them.


Novus Spiritus is blessed to have Sylvia and would not have been founded without her. Her gift to us all is that we have a Living Religion, where the word of God is actively revealed. As our ability to comprehend grows, new and deeper truths are brought forth. Sylvia's Guide, Francine, has said for years,


"If you can think of the question, the answer will be found."


Our challenge is to find those questions.

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