C O N D I T I O N   O F   A C C E P T A N C E 

1. Keep an attendance record for each meeting of your Study Group (SG). The first record shall include the name, address, and phone number of each participant. There is no need to repeat the same information on later attendance records unless it has changed.

2. All reports shall be sent monthly to Novus Spiritus along with any SG questions, monthly fees, and book orders.

3. You are responsible to ensure that the SG charter fees and product fees are paid for and sent to Novus Spiritus. The fee of $20.00 is subject to change and due on the first of the month. Checks or money orders are payable to Society of Novus Spiritus.

4. You may collect donations from participants on an equitable basis and use these funds to pay for the monthly expenses and fees incurred by the SG. Novus makes no claims to funds collected other than the charter and product fees discussed in this agreement. The Coordinator may keep funds in excess of the required fees.

5. Novus publications shall be purchased through Novus Spiritus only. You may purchase in advance Novus publications for use by your group, but you cannot resell them at a profit. Copying any materials of Sylvia Browne Corp and Society of Novus Spiritus, either hard copy or digital (online), is prohibited. All participants are expected to purchase their own study books. Use the supplied order form and include any applicable shipping fees.

6. Follow the study guide outlines provided by Novus and cover the required reading material in your group. Do not bring other materials to the SG time period.

7. Each SG will be assigned a Liaison as their primary point of contact with Novus Spiritus. You will follow all direction and guidance from the Liaison. Any SG participant may have access to the Liaison.

8. Questions from your SG that cannot be answered by available materials or experience shall be referred to your Liaison. If you are asked such questions please respond by saying “I am not sure, but I will get an answer for you.” This will eliminate misinterpretation and confusion.

9. A Study Group shall be limited to twenty people. More than this number shall necessitate splitting into two or more groups.

10. You have the right to refuse entry of anyone, at any time, to your meetings. You shall inform your Liaison as soon s possible when such action is taken and include all details in your monthly report.

11. Novus Spiritus reserves the right to revoke your Study Group Charter at any time, for any reason, when it is in the best interest of Novus. If your SG is closed, you shall return all property belonging to Novus Spiritus, if requested.

12. In no case are you allowed to sign a contract on behalf of Novus Spiritus, nor are you allowed to take any action that would incur a liability to Novus. A Coordinator does not represent Novus as an agent or an employee. SG Coordinators accepts all responsibility and liability for their group.

13. The Study Group "entity" shall never:

  • Violate local or federal laws;
  • Oppose State or Federal Government;
  • Endorse or oppose political candidates, parties, referenda, petitions or ballot measures;
  • Create website or chat room without the approval of the Novus Spiritus Board of Directors
  • Take action contrary to the non profit status of Novus Spiritus;
  • Demean, oppose, or be hostile towards any religious or spiritual group.

14. All SG participants are expected to behave with respect and courtesy towards all. At no time are you to tolerate any actions considered illegal, dangerous, occult, destructive, or that violate one’s civil rights.

15. Any participant of the Study Group who violates any aspect of these rules shall be immediately dropped from the group. You shall report any such incident immediately and in your monthly report to Novus.

16. You shall review these Conditions of Acceptance with all SG participants.

By your signature, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein, and all additional rules that may be set forth in the future.

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