S P I R I T U A L   C O U N S E L I N G 
Society of Novus Spiritus has Ministers for (non-psychic) Spiritual Counseling.

Sylvia's organization, Novus Spiritus, offers help for people in many ways, one of which is totally free. Sylvia created the Novus Spiritus Ministry program and for over 30 years has trained people as Spiritual Ministers. Please note that they are not psychics but do have advanced intuition. These Ministers are available for Spiritual Counseling at no charge to the public. Many people say they "need direction" for their life, and the Ministers can provide tools by which you may discern the best path to take. You really can take charge of your life with the help of God, so let Sylvia's people walk with you as you get back on track.

Novus Spiritus Ministers do not give psychic advice, rather they base their counseling on Sylvia's teachings. We will not control your life nor do we make decisions for you. We do not answer psychic questions such as 'When will I meet Mr./Mrs. Right? What is medically wrong with me? When will I get well? When will I sell my house? Who and where are my birth parents?' It's a good idea to read through this web site before you request Spiritual counseling (especially God Talk).

 R E G A R D I N G   M I S S I N G   P E R S O N S   A N D   U N S O L V E D   M U R D E R   C A S E S 
We address these issues only when it relates to closure and how to deal with the grief. Sylvia's Ministers will not answer questions pertaining to specific issues of your case or deal with the police. We do not answer psychic questions, such as, who, where, or when. Please understand that Chris does not addresses these issues in a reading. Everyone requesting help with these issues are automatically placed on our Prayer Chain. Do not send an attachment to your email, we will not open any attachments.

If you have questions that require a psychic to answer please click on Psychic Readings. There you will see detailed information on how a reading works and where to call.

 I N F O R M A T I O N   P A C K E T S   F O R   N O V U S   S P I R I T U S 
The most current and detailed information on Novus Spiritus is here on Sylvia's web site. Information can be sent snail mail but all the information you need is at your fingertips! If you want information sent to you via snail mail please send an email request to office@sylvia.org. Do not send an attachment to your email, we will not open any attachments.