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 D R E A M   A N A L Y S I S 

"Dreams are usually not literal information, but symbolic in nature."
Unless of course we had an astral projection dream or precognitive dream. The meaning of symbols are different for each person.

Dream Analysis is great for people seeking to understand what their dreams are actually communicating. At Novus Spiritus we believe our subconscious, where our dreams are created, is an untapped resource for helping on our life's journey and is part of who we truly are. Dream analysis is a great tool to help us understand our subconscious and help us reconnect to be our true selves. That in turn helps us grow spiritually.

Dreams fill in the “gaps of the unknown” in our quest for, “I know where my life is going.”

Reading and experiencing all that could be found on the subject of dream analysis, including books by Sylvia Browne, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and books referencing Edger Cacey's work, has reenforced a belief that, what most people call the subconscious, Sylvia Browne refers to in her mind theory as, and we at Novus Spiritus call, the Super-conscious.

The reason dreams are in symbols is because the mind works in symbols. For example, we don’t learn by reading words, we are creating association of text to a symbol or meaning. Our memory works better using associated symbols to what we want to recall. This is demonstrated with memory enhancing training, we are asked to think of something, usually silly or outrageous, to associate with what we want to remember. When we program the mind it works best if we use imagery or symbols. Learning, practicing or enhancing a sport we get the best results if we use imagery or symbols to show the mind what and how we want to perform.

"There are universal symbols but you can’t use symbols in a cookie cutter fashion, symbols are not the same for all."

The first thing in Dream Analysis is to determine what kind of dream; astral projection, precognitive, release or a wish dream. When interpreting a message or release dream we use a simple technique of replacing the symbols with a Gestaltian type of meaning from the dreamer. This is done by asking the dreamer questions to determine their meaning of the symbols. With some intuitive, creative thinking the story of the dream is retold with the dreamer's meanings replacing the symbols to interpret the message of the dream. Then we validate and counsel the client. It’s a lot of fun and clients are amazed how accurate, useful and empowering the messages are.

A bit about me, my name is Reverend Tom Bigley but most people call me Tom. I've been a Minister in Sylvia Browne's Church, Society of Novus Spiritus, for more than 20 years, I hold a position of Cardinal and I am on the board of directors. In addition to Ministerial duties I enjoy helping people with dream interpretations and hypnosis sessions.

If you need help understanding your dreams, send an email to schedule a one-on-one session with me.

Reverend Tom Bigley

You can read more about dream analysis in my article, Dream Catcher, published in the Sylvia Browne newsletter or click here to read posts and "Like" me on Facebook.

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