D R E A M   C L A S S 

"Sleep - is that period when the soul actually takes stock of what it has acted upon from one rest period to another - drawing comparisons and conclusions. We should view sleep as a time for entering into the presence of that which is our Ideal - Our God."

Sylvia Browne, September 23, 1975
  • You will learn how to direct dreams
  • You will learn how to interpret dreams
  • You will learn how to get rid of night terrors
  • You will learn how to discover past lives
  • You will learn how to contact deceased loved ones
Learn about:
  • History
  • Types
  • Symbols
  • Interpretation
  • Problem Solving
  • Techniques
  • Astral Travel
    ...and More
  • Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams This "DREAM CLASS" is devoted to teaching you how to interpret your own dreams, as presented in Sylvia's book: "Book of Dreams".

    How many times have you awakened after a particularly bizarre dream or frightening nightmare and wondered "what was that about"? Now you can learn how to analyze and interpret all of your dreams and those of your friends and family. Dream interpretation can be a useful tool to not only reach a better psychological understanding of yourself but also for physical and emotional healing.

    As soon as you begin to interpret and gain control over your thoughts, it is possible to better understand the stress of everyday life.

    If this subject interests you, then we encourage you to sign up right away.

    Ministers trained by Sylvia will be available to come to the large cities near you when we have enough sign ups to fill a class.

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