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Journey of the Soul series
A set of 8 books that form the core of Sylvia's most advanced teachings. These books contain detailed knowledge from over 20 years of research with Sylvia, Francine and Raheim's (Sylvia's spirit guides) discourses on the meaning of it all.
Topic 1 - God
Topic 2 - Creation
Topic 3 - Tools For Protection
Topic 4 - Soul's Perfection
Topic 5 - Good And Evil
Topic 6 - The Great Cataclysim
Topic 7 - Mystical Traveler
Topic 8 - Novus Spiritus

In addition, you can ask for the Novitiate Exam (a study guide) to help show you what knowledge you have retained. You can purchase the Journey of The Soul books individually. Please call the office for more details or to purchase. (408) 379-7070