H Y P N O S I S / P A S T   L I F E   R E G R E S S I O N   S E S S I O N S 
Many people believe in reincarnation.
Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to explore your past lives for the purpose of personal research, discovery and healing. Many phobias and illnesses (physical or emotional) are directly related to a past life. When a conscious connection is made, healing can begin. As Spiritual Counselors using our Gnostic philosophy, we can guide you to The Other Side where it is possible to communicate with your Spirit Guide and gain insight into this life.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of peaked awareness where you are in full control of yourself at all times. Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness.

Everyone experiences a Past Life Regression in their own way. Frequently, people experiencing a regression for the first time think they have "made up" their experience while in hypnosis or feel they have imagined all of it. But then little things will begin to happen that slowly provide validation to what you experienced.

To get the most from your past life regression, keep an open mind don’t analyze your experience during the hypnosis session. You will have plenty of time for that later. Simply let the information flow into your mind without questioning it.

Most people have experienced clues as to their prior incarnations. Are you drawn to a particular country, people or a specific time period, like the Civil War? If the Grecian architecture attracts your interest you may have lived in the time Greece flourished.

The same is true if you feel negative about a nationality, a place or historic time period. Your soul's experience may not have been to your liking. You may still feel the emotions of love, hate, rejection, or any other emotion that relates to a past life. We call these past life "carryovers" and they can directly relate to the life you are now living. Any strong affinity or aversion is a clue.

When the hypnotist instructs you to step through the light into a past lifetime you may experience one of several different reactions.

  1. You may see yourself quite clearly.
  2. You may see quick impressions.
  3. You may only seem to "know" without seeing.
  4. You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening.

Regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past, you will need to answer the questions as the hypnotist asks them. As the regression progresses, you will find the impressions become stronger.

If you actively analyze the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions. Your mind is on a journey through your soul's experiences of lifetimes. Let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data.

For a One on One Hypnosis/Past Life Regression session please download the required forms, fill in the required information and sign where indicated. To download the forms click on the link below.

Confidential Client Form
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Hypnotherapy Disclosure Form

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Sylvia's Certified Hypnotists offer this service and travel to any city that has twenty-five or more registered people. If you are interested in having a past life regression with a certified hypnotist, email michael@novus.org or call (408) 379-7070 with a request, so our hypnotists can consider conducting past life regression sessions in your area.

  • In office Behavioral Modification Hypnosis - $250
  • In office Past Life Regression - $250
  • Out of Office Hypnosis or Regression varies city to city depending on travel expenses. The estimated cost for most cities is $350.