S P I R I T U A L   S A L O N 
If you have read any of Sylvia Browne's bestselling books or attended her lectures, you have become familiar with her spiritual philosophy. Some of you may even be involved in one of her Study Groups because you wanted to learn more and meet other like-minded souls. Now, in select cities across North America, you have the opportunity to attend a Spiritual Salon Seminar from ordained ministers of Sylvia's church - The Society of Novus Spiritus.

This Salon will provide a detailed look at Sylvia's philosophy of life, and will include discussions on Healing, Psychic Development, Contacting Angels and Spirit Guides, Hypnosis, Cell Memory, and Past Life Regression (A brief description of each of the topics is listed below). The Salon is based on information included in her best-selling books, "The Other Side and Back", "Life on the Other Side", as well as her "Journey of the Soul" series. This is a rare opportunity to get very close to the people entrusted by Sylvia to carry her message; and to ask your own questions about the meaning of life.

During the one-day course, you will have the opportunity to ask spiritual questions and meet others in your area that are interested in Sylvia's work. At the end of the seminar, a minister will lead the group through a past life regression; giving you a chance to explore your hidden past. More than just satisfying curiosity, remembering past lives can help release fears and phobias affecting this life and aid you in your spiritual advancement. You may choose to continue your Gnostic "search for truth" by joining or starting a Study Group in your area although this is not mandatory.

 U P C O M I N G   S A L O N S 
If the city of your choice is not scheduled, please complete our wait form for the next class in your area.